How to build an IKEA Greenhouse: RUDSTA EDITION

Updated: May 1

how to DIY an IKEA glass cabinet into a greenhouse for your houseplants
Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet 'Rudsta'

I think this is probaly the biggest trend of Plantstagram right now. Especially if you live in Canada where the climate is cold our extra special fussy plants need that extra high humidity and heat that just can be met in our household. not to mention how absolutely stunning the display of plants looks in my living room, it's really an eye-catcher.

This look can be achieved with many different pieces of furniture but I feel like the most popular one to use for the project is the Ikea Glass cabinets. They have so many choices to choose from, the most popular being the MILSBO wide or tall, but they have other options like FABRIKÖR and the more affordable DETOLF.

Although the most recent option that IKEA has to offer us is RUDSTA in tall or wide also in anthracite (black) or light turquoise. The RUDSTA is the one I chose as you can tell by the title, in anthracite and tall.

The reason why I picked this was mostly for the price point and the size as I didn't have much space in the area I wanted the cabinets in. .

If you would like to know I hacked the RUDSTA into the most beautiful greenhouse, then keep reading.

Materials needed to complete the masterpiece:

  1. Your glass cabinet of choice (whether it's from IKEA or the marketplace fine. You'd be surprised that you can find on there)

  2. LED Strip Growlight.

  3. Wheather Strips

  4. Humidity source- could be a humidifier, pebble tray, mini rock fountain, etc

  5. Hydrometer/Thermometer

  6. Fan

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Step One

I started off taking off all the packing and placing all the glass pieces in a safe spot and started building following instructions until I reached the step of putting on the glass walls.

Step Two

At this point, I applied the weatherstrips along the sides on the two glass walls and metal border as seen in the pictures.

I measured the length and cut it to fit tight. I did not apply weather strips around the door because it would be hard and annoying to open and close, I also thought some airflow would be good.

After all the weather stripping was applied I screwed the glass walls into the cabinet, secure enough so it doesn't fall but not all the way tight.

Step Three

Once all the glass walls are secure enough to let go, I went ahead and opened the strip grow lights I bought from amazon, make sure you test the lights to see if they work before installing them into your cabinet. Unscrewing the top bar securing the glass wall, you'll be able to slide the strip lights through the little gap between the metal cabinet and glass as shown in the picture.

Repeat to the other side if you got the same light as me. If you only have one cord to push through, smart you!

When screwing the back onto the cabinet make sure the cords and control of the grow lights lay on the back outside of the cabinet, I taped the cord along the side and down the leg to hide the cord.

Continue following the instructions given by IKEA to complete the cabinet.

Step Four

Once adding the top of the cabinet the grow lights are able to be applied to the top in however direction you please. This is how I choose to stick mine.

Step 5

Add an adorable cordless humidifier to make life easier or run the cord through the bottom of the cabinet the same way we did the lights, or adding pebbles trays or a mini fountain to increase the humidity.

Add a Hydrometer to keep an eye on the humidity and temperature levels.

Add any mini shelves or hooks to free up shelf space, because keep in mind it is smaller than the IKEA MILSBO so hanging magnetic hooks from the top of the cabinet and sticking shelves to the sides of the wall can be perfect for smaller plants or plants that need to be closer to the grow lights.

And of course, all your dramatic plants that need that extra light and humidity to thrive.

And that's it. you have yourself a beautiful little greenhouse but ascetically picture perfect

I'll honestly never look back to my life before my little IKEA greenhouse cabinet. The amount of growth I've since is overwhelming.

Don't forget to tag me in your masterpiece! I cant wait to see all your hard work !

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edit: 09/28/21

Check out my latest blog post where I give my 6 month update. I make changes on how I set up this cabinet that you won't want to miss!

"How to build a IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet RUDSTA Edition: (almsot) 6 month update"

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