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How to build an IKEA Greenhouse RUDSTA Edition: (almost) 6 Month Update

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

So it's been just about 6 month since I have set up my DIY IKEA Greenhouse cabinets (RUDSTA TALL) and I wanted to update you all on how my experience with trying to keep the perfect humidity, light and temperature conditions for my most beloved babies. I also switch somethings around, took somethings out and replaced others.

I have really enjoyed having the RUDSTA, although I don't have any other cabinet to compare it too.. of course more room would always be nice but when I purchased these cabinets I was on a budget, RUDSTA is a perfect alternative to the popular MILSBO, beautiful but pricey and very tall. I also really like how its metal, magnetic accessories have been so easy to attach. I've have a few people ask me about spraying it with something that will protect from rust... Personally I never even thought about it rusting. I never let pools of water just sit on the metal or let it get too humid that it creates condensation so I'm not really worried about rust.

(BTW I have two RUDSTA TALL side by side in the picture above)

1. Humidity Levels

Keeping the perfect humidity temperatures is probably the most important and main reason we even made the cabinet to begin with, in "How to build an IKEA Greenhouse: RUDSTA Edition" we talked about all the different ways to keep humidity up.

I started off with a mini wireless humidifier, it was super cute but not really practical. I would often forget or just be to lazy to fill it up again, and add having to charge it and cleaning 🙄 to many time I would forget to set it back up totally defying the purpose.

I now have taken out the humidifier all together and never looked back! Instead I have completely sealed off any crack with weather strips and mist the cabinet everyday or whenever needed, depending on how high you want your humidity. The humidity in my cabinet now sits between a 75-95%, never letting it drop more then 75%. Way less work this way in my opinion...and let be real I'm already getting up every hour to stare at all of my plants in there anyways so might as well give them a mist.

2. Grow Lights

The biggest change I have made to my cabinets, is the grow lights ! I changed the way I had them set up and I also bought better lights. The reason why I changed out the light as I noticed my plants were growing super leggy trying to reach the lights all the way at the top of the cabinet.

Not to mention the lights in my right cabinet completely died on me ! I woke up one morning to one light fallen off and they weren't turning on. It was the motivation I needed to finally switch the new light that I already bought weeks prior.

I am soooo glad I finally made the switch, main reason being how annoying it was to switch on two lights.. I know first world problems but it was super awkward trying to switch on the second lights as i always had to squeeze between the wall and cabinet to get to the back, the quarantine has taken a toll on my waist size 😅

Then new grow light I bought are 4 LED strip lights all connected together to one on/off switch, blessed. The features of the new lights are pretty standard

  • 84 LEDs: Samsung + Full Spectrum + Red

  • 200 watts

  • 3H/6H/12H Auto Timing

  • 4 Brightness Levels

  • Dual-Channel

  • Multiple installation methods

In the box is everything you need to install the lights.

  • Lights and cords (of course)

  • Super strong double sided tape

  • Zip ties

This is the direct link to the lights I purchased.

These lights don't seem bright but they are trust me ! I did burn a leaf already from being too close so be careful how close you keep your plants.

The way I installed these light are different and way better for the plants than the last light that were set up. Like I said my plants, specifically my alocasias were growing super leggy, I needed to bring the light closer to the bottom shelf.

So instead of having both lights at the top on the cabinet, I moved one under the first shelf, way closer to the plants; also not having to go through glass makes the light a lot stronger. The new lights give me the extra length I needed to get the light down there, something that the last set did not.

3. Temperature

I never really did anything to maintain a specific temperature in my cabinet. Normally tropical plants like it around 23°C (75°F). and I'll say that my cabinets stays at about 22-24 on its own granted I keep my house warm, I like to be toasty warmed in a blanket all the time.

If you are having troubles keeping a higher temp in your cabinet try adding a heating mat.

But that's basically all the changes I did to my cabinet since showing you guys the first time around. The main change I wanted to share with you all was the change of the lights and how they are set up. If you followed my first example I highly recommend you switch it around or just add another light under the first shelf, and I apologize if you just set it up and read this article just now 😅 but i promise you your plants will be so much happier.

Stay tuned for the video of me unboxing and installing the lights, should be up by the end of the week.

Don't forget to @ me on instagram so i can see your masterpiece ! I cant wait to see !

instagram: @happilyrootbound

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