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7 Different Varieties of Calathea: My Calathea Collection

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The plant we love to hate, the biggest diva of all, the only one we put up with 'cause let face it, how can we say no to that exquisite foliage. Calathea! But with so many varieties of Calathea's it might be hard to know exactly which one you got.

These are 7 different Calatheas from my own collection:

Rattlesnake Calathea


Hands down the easiest Calathea I have cared for. She lives about 3 FT away from a giant south-facing window getting bright indirect light filtered by sheer curtains, normal humidity of 40%-50% and a room temperature of 21°C-23°C (69.8°F-73.4°F).

Medallion Calathea


The most dramatic one of the gang.

This one will definitely tell you it's thirty, the leaves will fold up like a taco, and needs to be watered more often compared to my other Calthea's.

I have this one on a plant stool about 10FT away from my south-facing window that is filtered by a sheer curtain getting plenty of bright indirect light and normal humidity.

Rose Painted Calathea


If the rattlesnake and medallion made a baby it would be this guy. Absolutely stunning foliage I could not leave this one behind.

So far no fuss and has been enjoying the company of the medallion,10FT away from my south-facing window that is filtered by a sheer curtain getting plenty of bright indirect light and normal humidity.

Peacock Calathea


Basically brand new to my collection and wondering why I never picked it up sooner, the details in the foliage is so breathtaking, the pinky/red under colour of the leaves make this Calathea my absolute favourite. I've placed it with my other Calathea in the living room to see how picky it is, fingers crossed she easy. Don't sleep on this one, as I did. Hit me up in the comments if you want l an update on how she settles in.

White Fusion Calathea


In all honestly, I have killed a white fusion in the past but in my defence, I was super new into plants, it was probably my 8th plan, unknowingly of how much of a drama queen she is, her amazing variegation wouldn't let me say no. I'm super glad I decided to give this one a second chance because she has settled in nicely. Although in the same filtered bright light as my other Calathea this one sits about 4FT away from my giant south-facing window.

Vittata Calathea


This particular Calathea is fairly new to my collection, and so far she is definitely a Mariah Carey.

Even more so than the White fusion, which I didn't think was possible. It likes a higher humidity environment, so naturally, it didn't like my living room with no humidifier. Currently, it's living in my Ikea Socker Greenhouse, and still going yellow and crispy on the edges. I'm hoping it will turn around and settle in better because I love those creamy stripes. Comment below if you would like an update on my Calathea Vittata.

Orbifolia Calathea

I have heard how this one can be a bit of a drama queen but I'm hopeful that it will settle in beside its Calathea sisters nicely. I picked this one up with the Calathea Peacock making it also brand new to my collection. I just love how different it is compared to the rest of the group. If you have any tips for me on getting this guy to the giant big boy I know he can be.

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